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Upright Citizen mocks gamers through showtune

Justin McElroy

Sure, a recent MySpace video posted by comedian Matt Bessler (you may know him from such comedy troupes as The Upright Citizens Brigade) has a little fun at the expense of gamers. But there's enough on-the-nose stuff here that it's probably a bit self-deprecating as well. All the classic stereotypes are touched on: Cheeto addiction, pot use, never knowing the touch of a woman, and the soul-crushing, barren emptiness that is the life of the gamer ... no, not you of course. Everybody else.

Bessler may not be breaking down any stereotypes, but he has made a particularly bold musical choice for the video, which the more theatre-savvy among you will recognize as young Cosette's heart-wrenching ballad "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Misérables. Wow, it's almost a shame that musical geeks and gaming geeks aren't warring factions. Bessler could be both Romeo and Juliet. Juliomeo, even. Feel the drama, right after the break.

[Thanks, Ethan]

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