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Xbox Rewards program giving out the goods

Dustin Burg

If you've been participating in the Xbox Rewards program then take a look at your account. HHHawk sent word that he received his prizes in code form to redeem on Xbox Live. So, if you've completed the Old Spice Experience Challenge and pressed "I'm Finished", you can redeem whatever goods you were promised. To locate your prize codes, login into the Xbox Rewards website and make your way to the "My Xbox Rewards" section. Then, head to the "My Rewards" section where, if you completed the challenge, you'll find codes for your prizes. We still aren't sure about the physical prizes that the level three players earned, but hopefully someone can shed light onto that situation. Remember, the Old Spice Experience Challenge has been extended until April 22nd, so get to work if you haven't earned your 1500 Gamerscore.

Also, we just noticed that the Xbox Rewards website conveniently keeps track of your progress for each challenge. To see how much more Gamerscore you need to complete the Old Spice Experience Challenge, head to the challenge's main page and click the "I'm Finished" button (even though you know you aren't finished). If you haven't earned all 1500 Gamerscore then a window will pop up telling you how much more you need. Nice touch isn't it?

[Thanks, HHHawk]

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