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Y-E Data's YD-300 WUSB-HUB: Japan's first wireless USB hub


A full six months after announcing it, Y-E Data is ready to ship their YD-300 wireless USB hub. While this hub reportedly packs the same (or at least similar) Multiband OFDM radio from Wisair we've already seen in the Belkin Cable-Free USB hub, we don't see a "Certified Wireless USB" sticker anywhere... so who knows. While they promise up to 480Mbps at distances of up to 10-meters, in practice however, this drops to a paltry 30Mbps (max!) and even that degrades significantly over just a few meters. You can forget HD streaming since there's no support for isochronous data, quality of service, or medium bandwidth reservation to ensure data arrives in time. But hey, it makes a fine ¥39,800 ($338) solution for moving your keyboard a bit further away from the monitor.

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