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More security warnings from Blizzard


Blizzard seems to be getting more serious about security awareness. It wasn't that long ago that Nethaera was warning us about a specific keylogger threat, but this Friday Eyonix has alerted us to a new security risk that could land keyloggers on your computer. The issue? This time it's not a specific threat or even a vulnerability specifically aimed at Warcraft players. Instead, Eyonix directs us to information on this Microsoft vulnerability which, if exploited, could allow malicious code (like a keylogger) to execute on your computer by simply clicking a web link. As there is not presently a patch available to fix this issue, users are advised to take caution in clicking on links in web pages and e-mails. What do we mean by cautious? Well, just be careful not to click on links from sources you don't trust or that link to sites you aren't familiar with.

And while some forum posters point out the irony in Eyonix's warning about clicking on links followed by a link to Microsoft's web site, I have to say that I don't think Blizzard would joke about security issues -- this is serious stuff!

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