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April Fools Alert #5: Blue for a day

Mike Schramm

It's a role-reversal on the forums today-- everyone gets to be blue! Except, that is, for the actual CMs. They've all been reincarnated as level 1 trolls. Nethaera is whining about how trolls should be given rainbow suspenders (nerf belts?), while Aeus over on the European forums is outraged (blue! pls!) that the Tinfoil Hat doesn't seem to work.

The funniest part of it, for me, is that players are actually relishing the chance to be CMs. They're saying things are "working as intended," recommending a thread move to the suggestion forums, and even threatening to lock the thread. Is it too much to hope that switching roles like this will actually turn the forums into a saner place and help players to realize CMs are people too? Probably.

In other forum news, Sariias from Argent Dawn has discovered a great and terrible secret-- apparently Deckard Cain is hiding in the Outlands, and he has a quest chain that hints at a WoW connection to a strangely familiar world. Did you think that there was no cow level? Think again.

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