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April news from Blizzard: The Tinfoil Hat and more

Eliah Hecht

Another April, another round of announcements from Blizzard. It's like Christmas, only more entertaining. Let's see what we have in our stocking, shall we?

First off, we finally have a way to hide ourselves from the Armory, in the form of the epic Tinfoil Hat. Not only does it prevent the Armory from indexing your data, it also hides you from in-game inspection, keeps you out of /who, and features an on use effect preventing mind control. You might have to slum it a bit to gather the 99 tin bars, but the joy of farming the tears of trolls will surely make it up to you. It's also required to gain access to the WoW forums, much like the Drakefire Amulet for Onyxia's Lair.

Secondly, we have a first look at Blizzard's next game! Set in the Warcraft universe we all know and love, Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth lets us see the epic struggle in a whole new way. This prequel to WoW lets us command buildings and units from an all-new top-down perspective, taking control of four races (night elves, orcs, humans, and undead). It takes PvP and PvE to a greater scale -- we'll get to command whole armies at once! And tying into WoW's mechanics are powerful heroes, who gain experience and items to progress in potency; these include WoW greats like Thrall and Jaina Proudmore. All in all, should be a fun new look at this great story and setting.

Finally, we have a new attunement chart, this time for the Black Temple. It seems to take you through every instance in Outland a few times, as well as the Molten Core, the world dragons, BWL, and Onyxia's Lair. I for one am glad that this doesn't follow the pattern of attunements to places like the Eye, which are simply too easy to get into. Can you say free epics? In all honesty, I would have expected Deadmines to be on this attunement path somewhere, but perhaps it'll be patched into it later. Finally, after turning in a few Badges of Justice (500) and Marks of Honor (100) and fending off an Illidari invasion for a moderate six hours, the Black Temple awaits. I reckon I'll be attuned within 24 hours of the patch; how about you guys?

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