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MGS 4 coming to the 360 rumor is staying alive

Dustin Burg

The guys over at vg resource center are adding fuel to the Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to the 360 rumor. Supposedly, they received an email from an anonymous source at Konami stating that Xbox 360 owners would be seeing MGS 4 roughly six months after launch. In effect, a timed exclusive for the PS3. The email also goes on to say that Konami has

"been working with Microsoft so the 360 and PC versions will both take advantage of Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live, with such features as achievements and the ability for 360 and PC owners to play against each other in multiplayer"

Interesting isn't it? Just from that sentence we're going to have to call bullcrap on this rumor, especially since they're claiming to allow PC and Live players to play against eachother. How many games have fully integrated this feature and how much of an undertaking would it be? The undertaking would be massive and is especially odd since MGS 4 would have initially been a PS3 exclusive. There's definitely a chance that we'll be seeing MGS 4 on the 360, but only a 2% chance it'd be integrated into Live for Windows. Sorry everyone, we're going say "blah" to this Konami contact.

[Thanks, djphatjive]

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