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Average game industry salary drops

Justin McElroy

So, when your top-shelf console releases increase from $50 to $60, where does that extra $10 go? (Besides, Gamestop, obviously.) Gamasutra helped narrow the possibilities on Sunday when it reported a drop in the average American game industry salary to $73,316 in 2006, down from $75,039 the year before.

Parents disheartened that their youngster wants to be the guy who creates the next Marcus Fenix may want to push them towards becoming the guy who sues people for making dolls of the next Marcus Fenix. Lawyers and business staffers lead the pack in the industry, making $95,596 on average last year.

Programmers are next on the list, pulling down $80,886 in 2006, followed by production staffers at $77,131, audio employees at $69,935, artists at $65,107 and game designers, making an average wage of $61,538. The lowest paid group by far was quality assurance personnel at $37,861.

Not included in the survey: The reported 100 rainbows Shigeru Miyamoto is paid every time his games bring joy to someone's heart.

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