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Hannspree produces a LCD with...gasp...removable speakers

Matt Burns

Well look at that: removable speakers on a LCD. What a novel idea and we love it but wait. What's that. Why are there large gaping holes left when you remove the speakers. That doesn't look cool. Isn't the whole point about removable speakers is to give your HDTV a streamlined look since you already are using superior, surround sound speakers? Besides the speakers, the isn't really anything special about the HANNSvibewhite 32-inch LCD to separate itself from other flat-screens. Just a 720p picture, 1200:1 contrast ratio and 500 cd/m2 brightness. Maybe this set is your cup of tea and will look oh so fabulous with your IKEA living room decor but it doesn't do anything for us.

[Thanks, Adam]

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