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Mool Toaster faces designer toaster duo, gets burned


These days it takes a lot to please us in a purely conceptual and wholly impractical toaster design, and while the "Mool Toaster" from Atil Kizilbayir does qualify as a fancy new take on bread browning, it falls on its face -- butter side down, if you will -- when up against toasting gods like the Glide and the ROLLERtoaster. Just like its counterparts, the Mool has a complete disregard for safety, particularly from the exploratory fingers of little children, but it also manages a heating-inefficient design, bigger-than-a-toaster footprint, and a so-so color scheme. You're supposed to load up the removable rack with your bread stuffs, but we're not sure if it even pops out automatically, or if you'll need to risk life and limb to remove the rack. Does Atil seriously expect us to commit our imaginary sliced breads to his actual award winning conceptual toaster? Puhlease.

[Via SCI FI Tech]

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