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Poll: How excited are you for NiGHTS?


With all of this NiGHTS business, we've been arguing back and forth here at HQ about the validity of such an announcement. Sure, we're super-excited for the game, but we understand there are some out there who didn't even play the first game, or might've played it and hated it. Also, taking into account the recent separation between Yuji Naka and Sega, would this new NiGHTS come close to being as good as the original?

"What better way to find out," we ask ourselves, "then by running a poll?" "None," we reply as we put up the poll ...

How excited are you for NiGHTS?
I'm skeptical since Yuji Naka has nothing to do with it
Who cares about Yuji, a new NiGHTS is worth all this excitement
I never played the first game, the images make me think I didn't miss much
I never played the first game, but these images and the Wiimote controls get me pumped
I hated the first game, this game will probably suck too

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