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Put down that gamepad and climb a bloody tree!

Tony Carnevale

British paper Daily Mail complains that kids aren't climbing trees anymore -- because they're playing video games. The story, which mentions trees and the climbing thereof no fewer than 13 times, reports that while the number of kids diagnosed with RSI (repetitive strain injury) has risen over the last seven years, "the number of children treated for falling out of trees" has dropped. Seriously. This is the basis for a newspaper article.

The piece is a wistful reminiscence of days gone by -- the dewy-eyed headline is "PlayStation generation that will never climb a tree." More like, "Daily Mail longs for the time when 472 kids fell from trees every hour." Now that's a headline!

We here at Joystiq are eagerly anticipating the year 3267, when Daily Mail will run a piece entitled "Zyfnort generation that will never hold a SixAxis." (The Zyfnort is a game console you control not with your hands, but, ironically enough, by repeatedly falling out of trees.)

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