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This Wednesday: Luxor 2 hits Xbox Live Arcade


If the plummeting blocks don't get you, the spinning balls almost certainly will. Forsaking the former and embracing shiny spherical substitutes, Luxor 2 has you saving Egypt by destroying the magical balls that threaten the pyramids at the end of their paths... it says here. Clearly, the epic plot isn't the part that's meant to occupy your mind -- that would be the job of the 88 levels, four modes of play, multiple modes of difficulty and masses of ill-mannered marbles that constitute this casual Xbox Live Arcade release. For 800 points ($10), the amount of content available is unlikely to leave you feeling E-gypped.

Luxor 2, which can be enjoyed by young gamers and old Gizas alike, is set to arrive at 9AM GMT (2AM PST) on Wednesday, 4 April. The ankh-ticipation is killing us.

[Note: Joystiq apologizes for the appalling quality of puns in this post. The blogger responsible has been locked in a cage with a vicious, flesh-eating Toucan.]

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