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UTStarcom shows its low-end cards

Chris Ziegler

They may not turn any heads, but UTStarcom's new low-end fleet led the company's somewhat quiet presence at CTIA last week. The CDM7026 and CDM7076 flips are nearly dead ringers for one another, though the 7076 ups the ante with a black and white external display, TFT primary display (as opposed to the 7026's CSTN), and a VGA cam; features common to both models include 8MB of RAM, 32MB of Flash, MP3 ringtones, and a 3.7 x 1.9 x 0.7-inch outline. Next up, the presently-unnamed "Ultra-Thin, Bar-Style Camera Phone" here comes equipped with Virgin Mobile branding, suggesting it'll follow up the Slice. At just over 10 millimeters thick, the candybar is reasonably well-equipped with 64MB of onboard storage, Bluetooth, speakerphone, voice dialing, and a VGA cam. No word on a release (or what carriers will get the flips, for that matter), but we reckon Virgin and UTStarcom have to look into naming this one before they can be thinking about dropping it.

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