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Amp'd Mobile faces $100,000 fine

Brian White

Our buddies at the FCC want to fine MVNO Amp'd Mobile a cool $100,000 for failing to protect consumers' personal calling records from data thieves. In an age where sensitive customer information (credit cards, social security numbers, etc.) seems to get leaked monthly, maybe large fines like this will force telecom companies and others to reign in IT systems and internal processes that involve customer information. With the FCC having issued no less than four fines in recent months to companies for inadequate internal controls to safeguard personal customer information, the agency promised "aggressive, substantial steps." We believe that a $100,000 fine to Amp'd Mobile definitely qualifies, and with Amp'd Mobile's current annual sales estimated to be about $5.2 million, a $100,000 fine is more than a pinch according to our math.

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