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CNET does '07 Spring HDTV preview

Matt Burns

It's new HDTV time! Are you ready to ditch that embarrassingly old 720p, single HDMI-equipped HDTV and pick up one of these shiny new HDTVs. The crazy dudes over at CNET put together a handy-dandy cheat sheet to help you navigate all the new sets that should hit shelves sometime soon. The one we are most excited about you ask. Well, Hitachi's 1080i 50-inch with a MSRP of only $2500 is a heck of a bargain but if Panasonic is telling the truth about their everlasting-lamps in their new LCD RPTVs, that's the one. Eternal lamp, low price, big screen, and if the colors (and blacks) tuned in, they will have a winner on their hands.

UPDATE: Dead link now alive and kickin'

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