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Create your very own MVNO with Sonopia

Chris Ziegler

It seems we're a little closer to creating an Engadget Mobile wireless service than we thought! Start-up Sonopia offers... well, pretty much anyone the ability to roll their own MVNO, pushing a selection of handsets and customized content on top of Verizon's network. Big Red offers up the minutes at a wholesale price, so your MVNO's service plans aren't outrageously priced, and as your list of subscribers grows, you get to pocket a little cash out of the deal. It seems like a major win for groups that stand to benefit from being able to offer up phones and services customized to their customers' common ties -- and, of course, Sonopia and Verizon are going to have their hands in the pot, too. The company's website makes setup virtually effortless, so go on and make the next Amp'd, will ya?

[Via GigaOM]

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