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Goodbye 2.0.10, hello 2.0.12!


That's right, folks. Today's a patch day for those of us playing on US realms. (No, I'm afraid the realms still aren't up, but, as long as nothing slips on Blizzard's end, we're getting close!) The patch is blissfully small -- a scant 5MB -- but if you have the opportunity, I'd suggest logging on to download it as soon as possible. (Beat the rush!) There are no surprises in the patch notes -- in fact, they're identical to the patch notes for the test realm, which went live on March 29th. Basically, we have some Mac performance improvements along with an assortment of bug fixes, including the unfortunate change the auto-unstuck feature that will cause it to burn your hearthstone cooldown. (If you're still curious, full patch notes, short and sweet, are after the jump.)


  • Improved memory usage and stability under Mac OS X 10.4.9 using multi-threaded OpenGL
Bug Fixes
  • Attempting to turn in a guild charter with a signature from a player that formed his own guild will no longer result in an inappropriate error message.
  • Using the customer support "Auto-Unstuck" will now trigger the one-hour cooldown on the player's hearthstone.
  • Players will no longer be able to see their opponents in the Combat Log of an Arena match-up before the game starts.
  • Eye of the Storm
    • Players should no longer be able to exit the bubble before the match starts.
  • The gate at the top of the elevator in Mechanar will now remain open while attempting the gauntlet and after Pathaleon the Calculator is killed.
Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad
  • The Escape from Durnholde event will no longer break during the church part of the encounter.
  • Various localization fixes have been applied.

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