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Guildwatch: Spartans! Tonight, we dine in.. Moroes' room!

Mike Schramm

Man I hate that Moroes. My guild is so, so close to finishing him off, but our shackles are breaking, our Hunter's trap is resisting, or the aggro is wonky somewhere down the line. But don't worry, faithful readers, we'll get him. Prepare for glory!

Meanwhile, it's Tuesday, and here's your weekly fill of Drama, Downed, and Recruiting news from around the realms. Remember, this column lives and dies on your tips, so if you've got news, we want it: drop a note to Clicky linky to read this week's GW.


  • A tipster writes in to say that his guildleader quit the game, leaving his guild without a GM. That's not so interesting, actually, but what I found interesting is this: his GM was female. Call me a chauvinist pig, but I never thought about it before-- how many women are out there leading guilds? In fact, now that I think about it, my guild definitely has a few female officers. Are women more or less inclined to put their own guilds together?
  • Kristianna, formerly of Luna Wolves on Tanaris-H, sends a warning about them-- she says when she asked for help running her instances, the guild blew her off, and then GM sent her a message: "If you need help with instances, maybe you need to rethink if you should be playing WoW at all." Wow. Last I checked, there weren't any solo instances in the game, pal. But there is a happy ending. Kristi promptly /gquit (along with all her alts), and found a guild where they're actually, y'know, helping her. Good for you.
  • If you're on the Venture Company-A, a tipster sends a note to watch out for Spartacus and Usbok. They up and left a guild there "for no reason," and supposedly bad mouthed the guild. And not only that-- they also stole money and mats from the guild. Apparently, they've been kicked out of four guilds already. This isn't madness-- THIS IS SPARTAAAA!
  • From a deleted topic on the forums: Carthert of Audentes Fortuna Iuvat to Conviction, both on Steamwheedle Cartel, after they poached his main tank: "[You're] a bunch of insensitive, shady, plotting, manipulative, obsessive little boys. So sit there, pop your pimples, change your diapers and refill your caffeine drips."
  • More BC drama: Avatars of Vengeance on Kargath-A is going down in flames. After lots of A/B team drama and guild members who were pressed to get attuned but never invited when they were, the GM logged out of his account "forever" on Sunday, and officers started /gquitting after that. Now that is a guild meltdown. My professional opinion: the GM and his 9 friends will reform and stick to one successful Kara group.
  • Anathema Sky on Agamaggan-H, dived into Karazhan and demolished the place-- they cleared everything but Netherspite, Illhoof, and Netherbane. Grats!
  • The Brothers Gr|M (did I get that right? I didn't know Blizz allowed weird punctuation in guild names) on Laughing Skull-A EU downed Attumen, Moroes (above), and the Maiden on their "first EVAR week of raiding." So what's their secret? "Keep all your currently attuned players well informed, up to date with progression and look at who you need to get attuned to get 1 group into Karazhan. Concentrate on attuning or recruiting just the classes you need for 1 group and more will follow." So start with the basics, build slowly and surely, and make things come together. Who knew?
  • Gnome Ravagers of Terenas-H downed Hakkar and Jin'do. Hey man, good for them-- at least someone is enjoying the old content. They say they had a few 60s along and even a 57, but exactly how many people did you all run it with?
  • PreLoaded on Dethecus is rolling right along-- they downed Gruul, and have two groups that have finished Kara up to Nightbane. Vashj is next, they say. Good luck, guys.
  • SG of Bleeding Hollow-H finished off Doomwalker for a server first. Very nice!
  • Balance on Bronzebeard 7.5 manned Azuregos (the .5, they say, was a 65 Shaman). That's impressive and all, guys, but next time, try soloing him.
  • xyzzy is recruiting on Frostmourne (faction?) for endgame raiding starting with Kara, says their GM (he reads this website, so you know he's good people)
  • The Cult is a new guild on Alonsus-A EU that wants to start end-game raiding-- at the old endgame. They're looking for levels 30+, and they're going to begin raiding at the beginning, starting with BRD and UBRS, through ZG and up into MC, BWL, and Naxx. Great idea, hope it works out.
  • Past Redemption on Aszune EU is looking for "1 Priest (holy/disc),1 Paladin (holy) and 1 Druid (resto)"
  • Blood and Thunder on Farstriders-H wants some cool, friendly, and fun people to raid with them. They promise fun instance runs, maybe even a little roleplay (with emphasis on the "play," they say), and a look toward eventually endgame raiding, without all the pressure. Sounds good.
  • Chaoz Gild (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award-- I love it!) wants players of all levels to help their members out. This is an interesting strategy: help out a lowbie in the guild, and you get made officer.
  • Reckless is a high level endgame guild on Blackwing Lair-A that's looking for help with Vashj.
  • Pain on Spinebreaker-H is recruiting (and offering to key you) for Karazhan.
  • Scions of Dark Realms on Proudmoore-H wants 70s only for endgame raiding, and this is interesting: retnubs, they say, need not apply. Harsh.
Hey I never heard from anyone about my recruiting question last week, so I'll ask one more time in case you missed it: Anyone ever found a guild from this column? Just wondering. That's it for this week's GW! Keep an eye out for Drama, Downed, and Recruiting, please, and drop a line about any of those to Good luck out there this week-- come back with your shield, or on it.

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