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Nokia 6110 Navigator gets its FCC wings

Chris Ziegler

Now don't get too excited -- we suspect the 6110 still doesn't have any US-friendly HSDPA that was hurriedly added since its introduction at 3GSM, but we can still take comfort in knowing that Nokia's thinking of us on this one. Heck, we might even end up seeing it at a flagship store or two. As a refresher, the 6110 Navigator is a S60-based slider with integrated GPS, quadband GSM (hence the FCC nod, we reckon) and 3G data all the way up to HSDPA speeds; other features include a 2 megapixel cam, 40MB of onboard storage, and microSD expansion. No word on just when we might get our paws on a sample, but FCC approval is a solid first step.

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