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RE5 wishlist, add your own wishes!

Nick Doerr

IGN recently excreted (in the most wholesome way possible) an article about Resident Evil 5. Nothing about the game, really, but they did offer up a list of ten things they'd like to see. We haven't done a list in forever, so we've got to go with it. This is what they want:

  1. True Next-Gen Gameplay -- the best way to summarize what they mean is the quest for better AI, more physics-based puzzles, and visuals to serve up the best mood for the game.
  2. Online Play -- not like Outbreak. The end.
  3. Co-op Throughout Campaign -- calling it a "campaign" makes it sound like any other shooter, IGN. But having a partner rip through the zombie ranks would be neat. Just so he or she isn't a complete idiot. AI is important here too, if you don't have a buddy to take up a second controller.
  4. Revamped Controls -- RE4 did well, but moving whilst shooting (perhaps roll-dodges or something) would be nice, along with quick weapon swaps and proper melee moves.
  5. Tight Script and Voice Acting -- whatever. No game has really sold me on voice acting except the Metal Gear games. It's like the script writers sit down, pen something with their foot, slap a title on it and call it dialogue. It's not dialogue -- it's a footnote. Bwa ha ha ha! Get it? Damn, that was amazing.
  6. Gameplay Mix -- make things a little less linear, really.
  7. Incredible Boss Battles and a Solid Ending -- 'nuff said.
  8. Give Us A Chainsaw -- uh, all right.
  9. No More Typewriters -- what? While we're at it, why not take out spiky hair from JRPG's? Or guns out of FPS titles? Terrible suggestion. Typewriters are awesome.
  10. Cake and Eat It, Too -- see the impact of weapons... more than just a popping head.

Well, they've covered a lot of suggestions. Do you have any to add? We'd like a better range of weaponry -- definitely more melee weapons. How great would it be to slice through zombies with a katana/single-sided axe combo? We'd need a pretty cool move set, though...

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