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Wii Warm Up: Revamping games for the Wii


We talked about reusing assets already, but this kind of falls under a different topic. We're talking about GameCube games and even games on other systems being revamped for use on the Wii. The recent rumors regarding a new port of Resident Evil 4 showing up on the Wii, with revamped controls natch, is what got the metaphorical hamster running on the wheel in our head. Trust us, don't look in there, you won't find a single hamster (lots of other rodents in there, though).

So, we were wondering if there is a market for these types of games on the Wii? Certainly, a game such as Resident Evil 4 is going to sell in just about any incarnation it is presented (seriously, that game was amazing), but is there a market for other games like this? Would you be on board with other GameCube games being redone on the Wii? What third-party titles, that have graced other systems, would you like retooled with the Wiimote in mind?

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