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World's luckiest video: guy wins a Wii from a crummy mall arcade game

Kevin Kelly

Note: the embedded video above is definitely NSFW, or NSFH(ome) if you have little kids running around, because it contains some pretty strong language.

It shows something we all thought could never be done -- one really lucky sucker winning the big prize from a Stacker game. The same kind you see in malls, movie theater lobbies, and Wal-Mart vestibules around the country. We've spent our fair share of quarters in them, trying to score much lesser prizes, like copies of Outlaw Golf.

Now someone just please try and explain to us why Wiis are sold out across the country, yet sitting in Stacker machines where people can win them for a buck? Perhaps it's all part of a secret new marketing campaign from Nintendo. Now to start looking for more Stacker games ...

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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