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Buffalo intros uber-smooth BOMC2-Y01 mice

Darren Murph

Buffalo's mice designers are at it again, somehow figuring out how to turn a vanilla mousing peripheral into something out of the ordinary. The BOMC2-Y01 series may not be as retro-inspired as the firm's D-Pad critters, but the built-in Mirrored Reflection Lens (MRL) should purportedly make even the slightest of jerks disappear. The mirror-packed mouse supposedly reads the laser inputs at a much higher sensitivity than the other guys, making it one smooth choice of mouse for those in the market. Additionally, it sports a side-scrolling wheel and comes in "clear lead," silver, white, and black color schemes, but otherwise it looks fairly standard. So if you're digging the ultra-slick approach, you can snap one up later this month for ¥3,720 (or around $32 bucks).

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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