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Luxor 2 gives XBLA more balls


Luxor 2 is now available for Xbox Live Arcade. Essentially, the game rests somewhere between Zuma and Breakout. You control a horizontally moving paddle that shoots multicolored balls towards the other multicolored balls. Match up three of the same color and guess what happens. That's right, they disappear. It's your job to destroy all of them before these malicious balls have their way with your pyramid. The trial version gives players a healthy chunk of Luxor 2's gameplay and should give prospective buyers a good idea of the game's appeal. For puzzler fans out there, it's pretty much a no-brainer. It plays well, has interesting power-ups, and poses a decent challenge -- a challenge that we imagine gets much harder in later levels.

If you've made it your life's work to destroy scores of evil balls (and who hasn't?), Luxor 2 can be yours for the price of 800 MS Points.

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