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Mac Whine: Spotlight's disconnected image results

David Chartier

It's no secret that Spotlight needs a bit of work catch up to 2007. Users far and wide complain that it can grind to a halt all too quickly after firing up a fresh install of Mac OS X, and even though Apple has some good tips for Spotlight power users, it still just isn't quite *there* yet. So, to hop on the 'Mac Whine' train that Leo and his merry band of TWiTs have begun on MacBreak Weekly, I figured the rest of the Mac web could start chiming in with the occasional annoying quirks and problems with Apple's oh-so-shiny products.

My first contribution is Spotlight's handling of image search. I've been trying to refresh myself lately on Spotlight and what it's capable of (such as finding text in a Photoshop layer), and I've also been playing around with Aperture as an alternative to iPhoto. One particularly annoying thing is the way Spotlight handles image search results, which you can see in the screenshot. I searched for "quick," and Spotlight found quite a few images that had that word somewhere in their filename or metadata - but it doesn't show me where or what that data is (i.e. - why this photo was relevant to my search). Spotlight *must* have found some metadata relevant to my search since it returned this image (in this case I suspect it was the name I assigned to the image in iPhoto), which Spotlight clearly must have seen - so why didn't it share what that data is? The default result UI doesn't even tell me where those images are or what app they're tied to; I have to click on the (i) to reveal things like whether this pic was in my iPhoto library or simply laying around somewhere else.

Add this minor gripe to the (large) pile of things that could use a coat or two of polish from Apple's Spotlight ninjas.

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