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Mitsubishi HC5000 1080p projector reviewed - including a Pearl shootout

Matt Burns

Who would have thought that so many 1080p projectors would hit the market this year at such a low price point? The Sony Pearl made waves at CEDIA when it's low-low price of $4999 was announced. Then Mitsubishi announced their golden child of the HC5000 even less. Home Theater Blog just posted a review of the latter and boy did they like it. Like they said in the intro, it's not the perfect display but from the tone of their review, it sure does sound close: great color and detail, extremely quite fan, zero light-spill - oh and don't forget 1080p. Moreover, all this in a package with a street price under $4500. The guys over there did compare it head to head with the notorious Sony Pearl and well, we won't all steal their thunder, but lets just say if you were saving your pennies for the Pearl, you may want to reconsider.

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