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Razer Pro|Type desktop gets a price, release date


We've been given vague promises about this not-too-very-exciting keyboard / mouse / iPod dock combo for more than a year now, with the first product shots showing a 4G iPod nested in the dock. But Razer has finally come forward with a release date and price, so if you've been unable to operate your computer for the past year or so due to your lack of input devices, have no fear. The Razer Pro|Type Keyboard will be out on April 6th for $130, features media buttons, 10 programmable keys with backlights, two USB ports and a line-out jack, and 10 customizable "profiles" for setup switching. Yeah, sorry, a whole year later that's just not doing much for us, but if you're a Razer fan, don't let us stand in your way.

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