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Red Octane on GHII X-plorer issues


After a request for comment from Joystiq, Red Octane has officially responded to the reported problems with the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II X-plorer guitar. For those that missed the news, it seems that many people are experiencing problems using the whammy bar on the X-plorer guitar for the Xbox 360 version of GHII. Some claim that it is slow to respond to input, or that it doesn't respond at all. Users are also complaining of faulty tilt controls. There are two different controller models, distinguishable by the location of the pedal jack (either near the power cable, or near the headset jack and shoulder strap; both models pictured above). We've received reports of problems with both models.

In response to the reported problems, a spokesman from Red Octane told Joystiq, "In regards to the controller, we're currently in the process of having our internal QA and production teams look into this possible issue, and are working to quickly isolate this if there is one. In the meantime, we suggest our fans try to replug in their guitars without holding down any buttons or the whammy bar, and that may help immediately resolve the issue." You heard the man, you'd best resist the urge to fiddle with your whammy bar when plugging in your guitar.

As for the "recall," Guitar Hero's street date lockout caused Target computers to register the product as "Recall for Sale." For now, there is no official recall of Guitar Hero II and its X-plorer guitar. In the meantime, Red Octane is investigating any flaws in the X-plorer hardware.

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