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Sony's TDM-NC1 WiFi audio streamer for Bravia systems


You know, Sony really has made a lot of moves to make its products more standards friendly, what with AAC and MP3 files on its DAPs, and a whole freakin' Linux install on the PS3, but it seems they've dropped the meme here with the TDM-NC1. The sexy little WiFi audio streamer supports ATRAC, AAC and WMA files over a wireless or Ethernet connection with your Windows PC, but unfortunately the only output option is Sony's proprietary Digital Media Port, which is only compatible with a handful of Bravia systems. Too bad, 'cause while the $200 pricetag is a tad steep, there's just no arguing with the looks here. Sony is accepting pre-orders now, and should be releasing the unit on June 8th.

[Via Le Journal du Geek]

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