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Where will your Mii go today?


Well, today your Mii may only cross the Plaza a few times and stop to chat with Walter about bowling and Vietnam, but tomorrow, the sky may be the limit. Shigeru Miyamoto, in a recent interview after GDC, indicated that Nintendo may well craft their own Home-like system, a la the coming PS3 interface. But it's not a matter of copying from Sony; Miyamoto made a great point when he said that the idea of Miis is certainly not new. He referenced other examples of avatars over the years, and also said that he hopes more developers work along these lines.

For Nintendo's future, Miyamoto indicated that they may move in a Sims-type direction, which sounds an awful lot like 'Mii Crossing' to us. But some of the most interesting parts of the interview come when Miyamoto compares the Mii creation experience to game development. Making Miis, he says, is almost like putting the player into the developer's position, and that's something he would like to expand in the future. We're pretty sure we could get behind that as well.

[Via Joystiq]

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