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Army: Gamers can "take this to the next level" with military service

Kyle Orland

The goal of the America's Army game has always been to make military service seem more palatable to a generation of gamers. Now, the army is making that goal more explicit with a TV commercial pushing military service as "the next level" of military games.

The ad starts with a couple of gamers playing a Rainbow Six-alike game for a few seconds before the virtual soldier they're controlling taps on the glass, startling them out of their revelry. "You look like you're really into this," he quips. "You ready for a real challenge?" An announcer comes in to encourage viewers to "find out what you're really made of, and how far you can go" over a vignette of happy, action-packed military images. Viewers are encouraged to call in and get a copy of America's Army and a "special interactive DVD," whatever that is. Our military friend comes back at the end, asking the gamers and the viewer if they're ready to "take it to the next level."

Well, are you? Personally, we're plenty happy using games to get the vicarious thrill of military service without the high risk of death and injury. See if you feel differently after watching the video below.

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