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Details slowly emerge on Motorola Q, Amp'd Edition

Chris Ziegler

Amp'd first started talking up its upcoming Q a couple weeks back, and thanks to and a circulating rebate form, we have some information on pricing now, too. The "MOTO Q, Amp'd Edition" -- or simply "Q," if you're lazy like us -- will go out the door for a nickel under $200 before the application of a $100 rebate. The ubiquitous Windows Mobile Smartphone has some interesting tricks up its sleeves this time around, too (as well it should, considering that this is one of the first times the device has been explicitly marketed away from its business user roots), utilizing a Flash Lite-based app as its primary user interface. Of course, the handset will offer all of Amp'd's rich content, comes in black (more hip than the original silver -- black is the new black, after all), and should find its way into buyers' hands before the month is out.

[Thanks, hajmola]

Read - Official press release
Read - Rebate form [Warning: PDF link]

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