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Forum post of the day: Penguins as the next playable race!


You heard me right. Penguins. And, really, how could you possibly resist rolling a penguin if you had the option? They're adorable and always so smartly dressed. Forum poster Eldrick gives us a rundown of why penguins would work in the World of Warcraft...

  • Classified as "Humanoid"?: They stand on two feet, which is more than the Naga can do.
  • Wear gear?: They manage fine with tuxedos; chainmail isn't much more of a stretch from there.
  • Wield Weapons?: Okay, no thumbs could be trouble.
  • Ride the flying creatures: I've seen Moonkin do it. Pretty much the same build.
  • Lore: Penguins have played a prominant role as generic critters since Warcraft 3. Several WC:3 and WC:3 TFT Easter Eggs involve Penguins, including a Penguin King which offers Arthas tribute (signs of a highly organized Monarchy), as well as a mysterious clockerwerk penguin figurine which the Centaur worship in the Rexxar campaign. It is possible that the figurine was crafted by intelligent penguins and ended up washing onto Kalimdor's shores.
  • Location: Northrend is remote enough that an entire civilization of sentient Penguins could still be hidden away from the other races.
Eldrick has really thought this thing through. All that's left is for Blizzard to figure out is racial abilities (+10 frost resistance is a given) and class options (penguin hunter ftw!).

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