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From Rock Journalist to WoW Addict

Paul Sherrard

At the end of March, the Times issued an 8-page supplement along with a demo of World of Warcraft. Aside from getting me wondering how many Londoners are now trying out the game, it brought along a fantastic article by Caitlin Moran. You'll want to read the article to understand the image accompanying this posting.

In "My life as a bearded dwarf", we're given a humorous and insightful view into what can drag a mild-mannered reporter and mother of two into the world's biggest online game. Okay, maybe mild-mannered is pushing it. This is the same Caitlin Moran who started off into the world of music journalism at 16, wished an entire band dead in an album review, and who's spent time hanging out with Robbie Williams and writing on how cocaine has been responsible for some great albums. Yes, I owe my knowledge of these facts to the mighty Wikipedia.

While her choice of character names (Scottbaio) leaves much to be desired, I'm left wondering how long it'll be before I actually see a Thrusthammer Orcbash on a realm near me.

How did you get into World of Warcraft? When was it that you realized that you had been entirely sucked in, and the 20 minutes you THOUGHT you were going to spend turned into 2 or 3 hours?

Thanks a million to Dave for the submission!

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