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InsideOutside garb alerts you of uncomfortable areas


Sensor-laden clothing isn't exactly atypical this day in age, but the InsideOutside project takes wearable alerting to a new (albeit uncomfortable) platform. The garments are supposed to be rocked underneath of your corporately-approved suit and tie, and can purportedly assist you when coming in range of areas or situations that you don't spot right off, but you know would make you antsy if you did. Essentially, the garb "heats up or cools down uncomfortably" when the wearer gets near user-selected situations that they don't appreciate, meaning that you can program the clothing to tip you off when nearing CCTV farms, pop concerts, and rival fans of your alma mater. Sadly, we've no clue whether or not these sophisticated threads will ever make it to the retail scene, but if this thing (eventually) allows you to add spots to your discomfort list on-the-fly via your mobile, we're sensing a real winner.

[Via MAKE]

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