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New stuff hits the PS-Store... lots of new stuff!

Nick Doerr

Well, everybody's PS-Store probably looks a little different nowadays, what with the European and US and Japan and Hong Kong all handing out different stuff at different times... however! We're pretty sure we've got a good list for the US and EU stores on what's new. Let's get crackin'.


  • Armored Core 4 demo
  • GTAIV teaser video: "Things Will Be Different"
  • Stardust movie trailer (if anyone else is a fan of Neil Gaiman, you should be giddy with excitement... although my favorite of his has to be Neverwhere, hands down. American Gods is a very close second)
  • Other movie trailers: Are We Done Yet? and Perfect Stranger.
  • In addition to that stuff, we imagine excepting the movie trailers (?), Europe is also privy to the Super Rub a Dub demo and game.

Also mentioned in an e-mail was a new version of Gran Turismo HD -- now with worldwide scoreboards and one other thing. Oh yeah, full compatibility with force feedback and all of these driving wheels: Logitech's Driving Force, Driving Force Pro, and Driving Force EX. So, enjoy that one, guys! Force feedback is coming back in small doses, but for those who missed the experience, your voice has been heard.

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