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Panasonic's latest D-snap and D-docks -- wake us when they're through


Oh D-snap -- Panasonic is back with more product from their series of SD (and now SDHC) card capable media devices. Thing is, their previous gen of D-snap branded docks and players easily trump these digital death rattles in looks. Seriously, is that the best user interface they could slap onto their newest D-snap ¥20,000 ($168) SV-SD850N slab? Visual aesthetic aside, these players bake in a "noise killer" function promising 83% noise cancellation. Unlike previous D-snaps, this model packs a non-removable lithium ion battery pumping about 60 hours of SD-Audio/AAC 96kbps (puhlease) playback while slaughtering the noise or up to 80 hours when ambiently merciful. Other features include an FM tuner and line-in recording direct to MP3. If you're still with us, then you'll want to take note that Panny also took the wraps off a couple of D-dock speaker systems: the MD lovin' SC-PM770SD for ¥45,000/$379 and less capable, MD-less NS550SD for ¥30,000/$253. All available April 26th and pictured after the break.

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