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Postcards from Thunder Bluff


After his recent tour of the Undercity, our friend Gweedo decided to continue with a nice trip to Thunder Bluff. Now, I would personally presume Thunder Bluff to be quite safe from alliance incursion -- it lies atop a high bluff (unsurprisingly) and can only be accessed by elevators carrying you up, with guards above and below. (Heck, of course you can sneak into the Undercity -- it has a back door and everything.) But it seems that Thunder Bluff's finest aren't particularly observant, as Gweedo had no trouble infiltrating the city. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) Cairne Bloodhoof seems to have a more secure setup, being that he's mostly blocking the doorway into his tent -- but a single death later, and Gweedo was able to resurrect directly behind him for another attempt. I'm guessing the assassination attempt went poorly, involving more dead dwarves than dead tauren -- but there's only so much a single dwarf can do.

And when will we see postcards from Orgrimmar? Hard to say, as Thrall apparently has excellent stealth detection.

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