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PS3 sales in Australia = no rules, just right

Nick Doerr

Outback Steakhouse probably doesn't even use that slogan anymore, but that's not important. What remains important are the sales figures for Australia after the first ten days of sales. There are two ways to look at the numbers. One is for Sony fans, one is for those who have some kind of invisible vendetta against a corporation bigger than their wildest ambitions. We'll cover both in their respective styles.

The PlayStation 3 yielded more retail spending than any other console launch in Australia! Selling a groundbreaking 27,083 consoles at about AU$1,000 for an estimated AU$27,083,000, GfK's Daniel Morse had this to say: "Our data revealed that in a matter of just ten days the PlayStation 3 created a spike in retail spending not previously witnessed at the launch of any other console in Australia." Amazing! Well done, Sony.

The PlayStation 3 shriveled against the other consoles in Australia! Selling a miniscule 27,083 units in comparison to the Wii's 41,369 consoles and the XBox 360's 36,627 units on their respective launches, this proves that Sony is in trouble. If they can't get those numbers up, we'll dance some more!

Now it's up to you guys to see which side of the argument the rest of the internet takes. What is more important, do you think, for Sony? The raw number of consoles sold, or the value of said consoles? Do they look at 27,000 and say: "Dang, that's not a lot of consoles!" or do they say: "Dang! No one else sold an equivalent of AU$27,000,000 in ten days!" Who knows, but the interweb will dictate which is more important.

[Thanks, Colin McP!]

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