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WoW Insider is interviewing Oxhorn and wants your questions!


Are you familiar with the machinima-maker Oxhorn? If not, you should be! In the 2006 Xfire Summer Movie Contest he won first place for short feature and fourth place for comedy. So if you haven't seen any of his videos before, you can check out some of his videos that we've featured on WoW Moviewatch before or jump straight to his YouTube profile for a some real entertainment. And, of course, linked above is perhaps my favorite Oxhorn video, the Anti-Elf Anthem.

So why am I talking to you about Oxhorn? We're going to be interviewing him, and want your input on what to ask. Have any burning questions about World of Warcraft or machinima-making that you'd like Oxhorn to to answer? Ask away in our comments, and we'll pick the best to ask Oxhorn next week.

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