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Arena comparison tool

Eliah Hecht

I love nifty web tools. Andreas "bds" Thorstensson has created a page that lists the top-rated Arena teams in every bracket, worldwide (or filterable by region). This is nice, but the killer feature for me is the ability to show the top rated players in each class. Using this information, and since everything on this page links to the Armory, I can look into the top 5 players in each class, and see if any trends emerge as far as talent specs.

  • Warrior: Arms/Fury, with all five specced exactly or very close to 35/23/3
  • Paladin: Holy, with four 41/20/0, one 37/24/0
  • Hunter: All Marks, ranging from 42 to 50 in Marks with the rest in Survival
  • Rogue: Finally, some variation. Everyone's got at least 25 points in Assassination, but which tree the rest of the points go in varies. Nobody's taken any of the 41-pointers.
  • Priest: Four 28/33/0, one 14/0/47
  • Shaman: Four 40/0/21, one 0/15/46 -- our first Korean top fiver (careful, the Korean armory loaded very slowly for me; spec mirrored here).
  • Mage: Three 33/0/28, two heavy frost (10/0/51 and 4/12/45)
  • Warlock: more variation. Three destro, one afflic, one demonology. Everyone has a 41-point talent except one of the destro locks.
  • Druid: Everyone has most of their points in Resto, and everyone has at least 11 in Feral. Although three out of five have at least 41 in Resto, only one has Tree of Life.
It's a nice page. Go and compare things!

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