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Caption Contest: NYC taxis turn 100, have midlife crisis

Evan Blass

Apparently the New York taxi cab, a staple for fare-based "horseless carriage" rides, turns 100 this year. To celebrate, the NY International Auto Show is holding the Taxi 07 Exhibit, a showcase of radical re-conceptions of what the yellow and checkers can look like and do. Take, for example, the Standard, a natural gas powered vehicle with extended range; or Antenna Design's interactive signage, which offers up destinations and ride-sharing availability; or, possibly our favorite, Rides Magazine's Crown Vic (above). CNET's got the full scoop, check it out. Or, you know, leave a funny caption. As always we won't pick a winner, but perhaps your Engadget-reading peers will raise you on their shoulders, raise you high enough to get in that pimped out cab you see above.

Peter: "I can't take you to JFK, but we could go cruising for a couple of hours"
Ryan: "See BigFoot, this is what happens when you get freaky with the taxi groupies after the monster truck rally."
Evan: "After 20 thankless years on the job, Joe finally got cut off one too many times and decided to take action."
Paul: "Look out pedestrians... oh wait, it's a taxi, you already do."

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