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For Madden speed, it don't get bester than Hester

Kyle Orland

Milestones in human speed:

  • May 6, 1954: Roger Bannister runs a mile in under four minutes.
  • June 14, 2005: Asafa Powell runs 100 meters in 9.77 seconds.
  • April 5, 2007: ESPN reveals Devin Hester will have a speed rating of 100 in Madden NFL '08.
Not only does EA think Hester is faster than any other football player in history, the noted kick returner is set to become the first player to get a perfect rating in any stat category in the perennial football franchise.

Hester said he was honored by the, er, honor, but not exactly surprised -- according to ESPN, "Hester has been known to have been lobbying members of the Madden NFL 08 development team for the top speed rating." NFL players exerting undue influence on developers? We smell a scandal. Maddengate!

Our main question now is what will happen if someone faster than Hester comes along? Will EA create a 101 rating? Or will the 100 rating eventually become like a "perfect ten" game review -- good, but not perfect?

[Update: Fixed the date above. Thanks Products]

[Thanks tevetorbes]

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