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GTAIV trailer reimagined in real life


Video games have a way of creating dedicated fans. With the advent of YouTube and viral videos, many video game fans are turning to user created movies. Some films, like the ones produced by Mega64, poke fun at video game conventions. Other films take existing game engines to create new stories, something that has become very popular with Halo and Halo 2. This video, however, brings something different to the table. The video is a recreation of the recently released trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. The entire video is done in live action. That in itself is worth a look, but what makes it even more interesting is that the video is composed entirely of clips found on YouTube. Has society come so far that we now make YouTube videos from pieces of other YouTube videos? Simply astounding. Give it a watch, check out the original, and tell us what you think.

[Via GamePolitics. Thanks, Pedro Monscooch ]

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