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Hatchback GD06 GPS touts integrated camera

Darren Murph

While there's a myriad of all-in-one devices out there that can manage a turn or two of directional guidance, Group Sense PDA's forthcoming navigator makes routing its number one priority, but dons something that most standalone GPS units lack: a camera. The Hatchback GD06, as shown off in an elusive set of FCC documents, will boast a touchscreen LCD, RDS-TMS support, headphone output, a calculator function, an integrated digital camera (pictured after the break), and utilize TurboDog navigational software. Additionally, users will find MP3 playback and photo viewing functions built-in, and the SD card slot will allow your excess files to come on board. The camera can purportedly be used to "take photos and save them as a geographical location," which should perk the ears of the geo-tagging faithful at least. No word just yet on future pricing or availability, but it shouldn't be too long before this passes right on through the FCC and onto overseas shelves.

[Via NaviGadget]

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