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New Wiimote charger has underbody neon


The most obvious feature of PEGA's Blue Light Stand is the blue light, which is for the Wii owner who, maybe, hasn't gotten enough attention for the fact that they own a Wii. Or, alternately, for people who frequently trip over their systems in the dark.

However, the classy, functional blue light is not the only feature of this stand! It stores your Wiimote and recharges batteries through the Wii's USB connection. It also has a cooling fan built in! We haven't heard if anyone's having heat issues, but it happens to all the other consoles, so it's entirely possible.

Looking at it kind of makes us want to install a subwoofer or a rear spoiler on our system. Unfortunately, we haven't heard of any Wii-size spoilers, and we also don't have any retail information for this stand yet, so we can't tell you where to buy one.

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