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Nokia pays $20 million to Qualcomm to use UMTS

Brian White

We just saw that Qualcomm sent five new patent lawsuits to Nokia a few days back, but hey, business is business. Putting aside their deep-rooted differences for just long enough to let the ink dry, Nokia has agreed to pay Qualcomm a cool $20 million for the rights to use UMTS patents held by the CDMA royalty ringleader (as you may recall, UMTS rests atop WCDMA). The blood money cash will cover just the second quarter of 2007 so that Nokia can continue hawking UMTS handsets worldwide for the time being. But, come the first of July, Nokia may have to pony up another wad of cash or continue butting heads with foe Qualcomm over multiple patents. That, or Nokia will stop making handsets with UMTS (ha! we crack ourselves up sometimes).

[Via I4U News]

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