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PC Mag reviews the LG Super Blu Player

Matt Burns

Quick summery for ya: the LG Super Blu Player loves Blu-ray and hates on HD DVD. Keep in mind this player is not an official HD DVD due to lack of persistent storage and network compatibility but a person can kind of live with that however, the lack of a top menu button on the remote - necessary to return to the main menu on an HD DVD - is unacceptable. With that being said, PC Mag did find the player to offer a decent all-in-one playback solution. Sure, it may have some issues, HD DVD is essentially playback only and the player doesn't output 1080p60, but it could save you a space on your AV rack. Honestly though, we think you're better off either waiting for the next-gen or buying a HD DVD player and a Blu-ray player 'cause it's cheaper and you get 100% of what each format offers.

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