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Cheap wireless media hack with Netgear access point and Dvico DivX box


Using nothing but a Dvico M3100 DivX media player, a Netgear WGT634U wireless access point running some open firmware in the form of OpenWRT, and a bit of coding ingenuity, jkx has managed to create a wireless player that streams movies from his Media Center PC via WiFi. You'll need to have a way of swapping out the €50 WGT634U's firmware, and you'll definitely need these two specific models in order for this specific setup to work. Jkx owns the non-networked version of the Dvico, and that's the reason why the WGT634U with its USB port was needed. So really, this is bit too specific of a solution for streaming your content: in other words, it's one hacker's way of making half of his gear act the way he wanted it to by spending as little money as possible. Even if you can't emulate this specific example, maybe you should take jkx's idea as an inspiration and upgrade existing kit rather than taking the easy way out.

[Via Hackaday]

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